About Ignite

The Ignite® Small Business Start-ups Program is an SSI initiative, developed to facilitate small business creation for people from a refugee and migrant background who want to start their own business or expand an existing one. IgniteAbility®, Ignite’s sister program, facilitates business creation for people with disabilities.

Our vision is to turn passion into possibility by unleashing the potential of refugees, migrants, people seeking asylum and people living with disability, to take greater control of their lives through entrepreneurship and enterprise.

What Makes Ignite Unique


Our Programs

Our Team


Lindsay Frangs

Lindsay brings a valuable combination of business acumen and innovative leadership gained across a wide variety...

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JJ Carpenter

Jenny-Jane (JJ) joined Ignite as a Facilitator in mid-2021 and is a true entrepreneur and business woman with over 30...

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Vanessa Campbell

Vanessa joined the Ignite team in May 2022. Vanessa Campbell is an experienced business manager with a demonstrated...

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Tatjana Lukic-Co

Tatjana has over 20 years experience in project, office and operations coordination and management.

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Reda AL Haddadeh

Reda has over 13 years of experience in Corporate Finance and Corporate Strategy. He has joined SSI – Ignite Program...

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Alexis Klein

With more than 15 years of experience, Alexis is passionate about social justice, particularly within...

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Jemma Gilligan

Jemma Gilligan joined the Ignite team as Admin Officer at the beginning of 2021. She is currently completing a double degree...

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Maggie Cairns

Maggie Cairns is passionate about helping people. Her journey started over 25 years ago as a health and wellness...

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Tim Walsh

Tim is a business strategy specialist with a strong social and environmental conscience and real-world experience in...

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Our Founders and Contributors


Dina Petrakis

From community development in Northern Thailand to working as an adviser for the Solomon Islands Prison Service, Dina's

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Violet Roumeliotis

SSI CEO, Violet, recognised early the need for a unique approach to supporting refugee entrepreneurship.

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Ernesto Sirolli

Dr. Ernesto Sirolli is a community iron man. In 1971 he began working in the field of international aid in Africa.

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Jacqui Gilligan

Jacqui has over 25 years of commercial, program management and human services experience...

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Our Partners

At Ignite we believe in strong and sustainable partnerships. Collaboration is a necessity to strengthen the efficiencies and effectiveness of what we need to generate a better impact for a more inclusive and just society.