How We Work

The backbone of the Ignite® model is our Resource Team also referred to as the business Eco-system of Support, built around each entrepreneur for continued support throughout their business journey even after they exit the program. Our Resource Team consists of business professionals and experts (retired as well as currently active), volunteers and students and low-bono professionals in areas of legal and finance.

Ignite Client Journey

At each stage, your Ignite Facilitator will provide all necessary support to assist you to establish a viable start-up business.

The Educate stage has couple of options. Potential entrepreneurs can access one of our Ignite 1-hour information sessions or 3-hour Educate workshops to learn about what it takes to run a successful business. If you have a viable business idea and are ready to jump into the business start-up journey, you can refer straight to the program.

Once your referral has been received, a specially trained Ignite Facilitator will be in touch to arrange your first meeting. As an active client of the program, you will receive 1-1 tailored support, which is ongoing and confidential.

During this stage, you will work with your Ignite Facilitator on further homework and activities to establish your ecosystem of support, product testing and marketing, business planning and confirmation of finance and compliance.

In this stage, you will have developed all the basic components of your business. This includes finalising basic trading requirements to operate in the country legally and ethically.

In the final stage, you move towards graduation. For successful business ventures, this stage is accompanied by business consolidation and independence from Ignite.

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Resource Team

Ignite® entrepreneurs are supported by a resource team, made up of passionate individuals, including business owners, finance and marketing experts, product developers, business advisors, universities and many others. Members of the resource team provide their expertise, business knowledge and skills to our Ignite® and IgniteAbility® entrepreneurs to support product development and broaden their knowledge and understanding of issues including local laws, suppliers and business networks.

Being part of the Ignite Resource Team is a rewarding experience. We are grateful and appreciate the support, however we do have some expectations to ensure best possible support for our entrepreneurs, such as:

  • professional and ethical conduct
  • confidentiality agreement
  • desirable commitment of a minimum of six months due to average business start-up timeframe

If this sounds like something you’d like to explore further, hit the button below to get in touch.

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Frequently Asked Questions

About Ignite:

The Ignite® Small Business Start-ups Program is an SSI initiative established in 2013 to facilitate small business creation for people from a refugee and migrant background who want to start their own business or expand an existing one.

IgniteAbility®, Ignite’s sister program, facilitates business creation for people living with disability.

Ignite head office is based in Marrickville, however SSI has offices across Greater Sydney which are used by the Ignite and IgniteAbility team. We also have regional offices with facilitators based in Armidale and Coffs Harbour.

Ignite Support:

On our referral form you will notice that we have three options in the dropdown list:

  • Ignite is for people from refugee backgrounds, those on bridging visas and anyone who has immigrated to Australia in the last ten years (regardless of the program location).
  • Ignite Ability is for anyone living with a disability (regardless of the program location).
  • Ignite Regional is for the anyone in Coffs Harbour and Armidale. The Ignite and IgniteAbility criteria (i.e. needing to have a refugee or asylum seeking background) does not apply.

Submit your details via our online referral form and a member of the Ignite team will contact you within 7-10 business days, sooner where possible, to organise first steps.

We suggest that you refer yourself via our online referral form and/or attend our Ignite Educate information session which will give you just enough insight into what it takes to run a successful business and what Ignite can do to support you to turn your passion into a possibility.

The short answer is no. The long answer is, we believe that providing capital funding to an entrepreneur at the outset is detrimental to their business development without assessing their product, marketing and financial wellbeing. Look at it this way; if you built a house on a weak foundation, eventually it would crack and collapse. Building a strong business foundation at the start is important to long term business success.

We have previously supported entrepreneurs in both Queensland and Victoria. Email us at with your enquiry and we’ll contact you to discuss.

Volunteering with Ignite and IgniteAbility:

YES! If you have business related knowledge, skills and/or experience and time, we need you. The best part of volunteering for Ignite and IgniteAbility is, it is very flexible, and practically doable from the comfort of your home. Get in touch via for a chat or check out this link for current opportunities.

Ignite Bookshelf

If you’re looking for some inspirational readings or would like to understand the approach of business facilitation further, the importance of capturing the intelligence and passion of local people and how it can help in rebuilding communities, below are some of our recommendations.

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