Since opening our doors in 2013, Ignite has grounded itself in one core belief; that where there’s passion, there is possibility. At Ignite, passion comes from everywhere. From the refugees and other newcomers that come to us for help; to the dedicated IGNITE staff that help them get there.

Passion is all around us and the possibilities are endless.

Established by SSI and in just 5 years, Ignite has gone from strength to strength. We’ve helped people like Habeeb start his construction company. He now employs over 15 members of his local community. We helped Mojgan and her sisters start their hair-dressing and beauty business; now in its 3rd year of operation. We even helped Zahra start her catering business, which has helped her make connections within her local community. She truly calls Australia home now.

In fact, we’ve helped over 500 people from refugee, asylum seeker and migrant backgrounds establish more than 110 small businesses in NSW. Our success is based on recognising and supporting their entrepreneurial passion, as well as understanding that people new to Australia have settlement needs.

Through our tailored, creative approach to business start-up, we’ve helped these newcomers become settled, self-sufficient members of society. Please note, due to the nature of the program and the face to face approach used to support the clients, Ignite can only work with clients who are based in Greater Sydney area. At this stage, Ignite is unable to support clients in NSW regional areas.

We have created a unique model based on an ecosystem of support for each entrepreneur, driven by equally passionate facilitators and a resource team which goes above and beyond, doing whatever it takes to help our clients.

Our only wish? That we could help more of them. And in 2017, SSI established the Ignite Ability program to support the entrepreneurial dreams of people with disability. Within its first two years of operation, Ignite Ability has helped more than 30 people with disability establish and operate their own businesses. These people are now leading independent lives, operating enterprises, big and small, for the love of it.

SSI is committed to sharing our model with like-minded organisations who want to help stimulate small business in their states, territories and countries and build on a proven model of small business facilitation. Find out about your opportunity here.

So, at Ignite, we’re dreaming big. Over the next few years, we want to help as many refugees, newcomers and people with disability as possible to achieve their dreams and be a part of building an even more successful and diverse Australia.

And we know we can do it. Because where there’s passion, the possibilities are endless.