Ignite® Small Business Start-ups is a certified social enterprise of Settlement Services International (SSI) that embraces Australia’s cultural diversity and supports small business creation for people from refugee and migrant backgrounds.

Many recently arrived refugees face significant barriers to employment in Australia, in particular during the early stages of their settlement. Research* shows that there is significant entrepreneurial potential among refugees and many who have prior business experience. With support to overcome settlement challenges, these entrepreneurs become independent and self-sufficient and create employment for others contributing to the Australian economy.

The Start-up program is equipped with a unique model based on an ecosystem of support for each entrepreneur, driven by passionate Ignite® facilitators, industry experts and a resource team made up of volunteers from local businesses, councils, chambers of commerce, academia and other individuals who can share their business knowledge and skills.


Ignite is for

  • people from refugee backgrounds,
  • those on bridging visas, and
  • anyone who has immigrated to Australia in the last ten years (regardless of the program location).