Our Impact

We recognise that meaningful employment is important in obtaining a stable, secure and independent future, as well as to an individual’s physical, mental and personal well-being and sense of belonging and identity. Amid today’s turmoil, where insecurity and uncertainty are rife, Ignite® acts as a guiding light and a crucial support system for many vulnerable small business owners. Ignite®’s services are vital, now more than ever, to ensure meaningful social and economic participation for some of Australia’s most marginalised communities.

Worked with over 1300 clients across all programs.
Helped start 300+ small businesses. Not franchises.
One-to-one facilitation and volunteer hours provided
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Overview of Ignite Small Business Start Ups

Ignite® Small Business Start-ups is a social enterprise established by Settlement Services International (SSI) in 2013.  Ignite facilitates small business creation for people from a refugee, migrant background, for people with a disability, for Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander people, and for other marginalised communities. Our Ignite®, IgniteAbility®, and IgniteFirst programs are customised programs that offer one on one support to passionate entrepreneurs. Throughout the program, entrepreneurs are supported by specially trained Ignite® facilitators, and have access to a Resource Team that includes volunteers and professional business experts.

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